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Nine islands, five of them are populated, lie 20 km off shore in the Sea of Marmara. With this trip you will disembark at Buyukada which is the biggest and most popular of this island chain. It was a place of exile you want to escape from, now is a popular destination you want to escape to. But, nowadays it is as crowded as Istanbul itself, especially between May and October. On the island, you will hear nothing but bicycle bells, horse-drawn carriages and human voice. Because, all motorized vehicles are banned. You’ll find yourself walking through untouched forests and riding through streets surrounded by wooden cottages and mansions. It’s definitely worth sacrificing one day or extending your stay in Istanbul one more day to TOUCH THE EARTH on any tip of this outlying island.

Tour Itinerary

Are there any island lovers there? If your answer is yes, we have Princes’ Island (Buyukada) for you. We hope you have one more day for this trip or it is worth delaying your travel back home.

The tour starts with boat ride which is the one and only connection to the island and the one and only way to escape the crowds. Upon reaching the island, what you feel will be tranquility and relaxation after noticing how the city’s overall pace slows down on this tract of land. Yes, almost a Cittaslow if it was not so touristy.
There are three kinds of transportation on the island; horse carriage, bike and your feet. No cars or motobikes are allowed, so the tour includes one of the main transportation of the island. With your local tour guide’s help, you will enjoy the neighbourhood on four-person horse-drawn carriage. You will explore many things around the isle, because on this biggest part of the archipelago, there are more beauties than meets the eye.


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